How long is the game?
The game is 60 minutes, but you will need to arrive at least 10 minutes early for a pre-game briefing.

How old do you need to be to be able to play?

We suggest 13 years and older (18 and under will need a parent present), because some clues may be a little challenging for younger participants.

How many can play?

1-6 people can play. Each room is designed for up to 6 persons so you may be paired with another group if it is scheduled.

What do we get if our team escapes?

Pride and bragging rights… AND a 50% off coupon for next quarter’s game.

What happens if we don’t escape?

A debriefing discussing your methods. Sorry, no participation trophies. 🙁

Are we allowed to take pictures?

Only mental ones. Please refrain from using camera/video to spoil the adventure for other people.