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Escaping the Square is a fun interactive game for all ages. The rooms are designed with clues, riddles, and evidence in order to escape the mystery. Your 60 minutes of theories may lead you to escaping the square.

Opera House



Phantom of the Opera House: There was a time when the Opera House was filled with ball gowns and fanfare. Laughter ran through the halls and time seemed to stand still. One day a cast actress was accidentally killed, but her memory will live forever. Some say it was your great-great-grandfather's fault, and thus he was known as Phantom of the Opera House. Because of such false accusation, your family's royalties are at stake. Time is running out for your family, you must clear your great-great-grandfather's name within an hour before the royalties are signed away.


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For scheduling purposes, if your party has less than 6 people, you may be paired with another party to work as a team in finding the solution.

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The Opera House

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